Applying this floral water is an easy and refreshing morning ritual that purifies the skin and decongests the eye lids.

Spray VELVET HYDRATION 2-3 times directly onto your skin. Re-apply during the day as often as needed.

Apply immediately 2 pumps of WAY TO RADIANCE cream concentrate onto the damp skin. Distribute and massage gently.


Apply the cream with light taps or a gentle massage in the face, neck and cleavage. Repeat as often as needed. It is preferable to apply small quantities various times a day as opposed to a large quantity only once.

For sensitive skin types, which turn red easily, we recommend to moisten the skin previously with VELVET HYDRATION (or mineral water) before applying 1-2 doses of the cream concentrate. This makes it easier to distribute the cream and to calm tensions and redness, which increases the protection of the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Skin types with capillaries that are close to the skin surface have a tendency to turn red. Skin types with this alteration of the protection barrier may observe a temporary increase in temperature (momentary thermogenesis) after applying WAY TO RADIANCE. This is not an allergic reaction, but is due to the activation of the circulation in the tissue (thermotherapy). The regular use of the cream will strengthen the capillaries and the skin barrier, which will reduce this reaction.


We have created an easy way to refresh and reapply the products during the day.

Apply VELVET HYDRATION and WAY TO RADIANCE first and then take off excess make up and environmental impurities with a soft disposable cloth or cotton pads. Once you have cleaned your face, you can reapply WAY TO RADIANCE and SMOOTH ADDICTION. You can also use SMOOTH ADDICTION before applying lipstick. The balm nourishes the lips and your lipstick will hold longer.


LE PURE - Application - Illustration



In the evening it is essential that you remove all toxins and residues that have accumulated on your skin such as make up, creams, pollution and internal toxins segregated by the skin itself. NECTAR IMMORTEL provides a deep purification without depositing synthetic additives on your skin, which are commonly found in soap and cleansing products. At the same time it cleanses and purifies, it also remineralizes the skin and it with essential nutrients.

In combination with MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION we have developed a process, where you purify and nourish your skin in 1 step. It provides you with the ideal combination of nutrients that your skin needs to regenerate itself overnight.

Moisten a cotton pad with water and add 2 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and then 2 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION. Gently massage your face with spiral movements as shown in the picture and the video. The cotton pad will gather all impurities and at the same time you give your face a lymph drainage massage.

Start with one half of the face first, then repeat on the other half with a new cotton pad. Do not forget your neck and cleavage, as these sensitive areas also need treatment and will show signs of premature ageing if neglected.

If you wear a lot of make up, you may need to repeat the process above. At the end you can apply a few drops of both products directly onto your skin and gently tab the skin with your fingertips.

You can adapt the dosification of each product to your skin’s particular needs:

Oily / Acne prone skin: We recommend 3 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and 2 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION.

Dry skin: We recommend 2 doses of NECTAR IMMORTEL and 3 doses of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION.

If your skin is balanced then 2 doses of each are the correct indication for your skin.


It is very important to be extremely gentle, when you remove your eye makeup. Gently press the cotton pad onto the eye and hold for a few seconds to moisten the make up. This is an important step and makes the gentle removal a lot easier.

Use vertical movements to remove all color particles. Avoid horizontal movements and fast rubbing, as this will stretch the delicate skin of the eye lid and may result in hanging eye lids over time.

The combination of NECTAR IMMORTEL and MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION removes eye make up effectively and regenerates the sensitive eye area. This way we clean and nourish at the same time, while avoiding the use of synthetic substances on this delicate part of the skin.



This masque is a natural emulsion and only contains active ingredients. Gently squeeze the sachet before opening to distribute all components of the masque evenly.

Apply a thin layer of the masque like a cream before going to bed and let it act overnight. Rinse in the morning with mineral water or with VELVET HYDRATION.

INSTANT LIBERATION absorbes the impurities and even if it may produce a sensation of dryeness, it does not not dry the skin. On the contrary, it stimulates the deeper layers of the tissue, which increases nutrition and renovation. For dry skins we recommend the application of MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION in the morning after having rinsed off the masque.

The masque can be used 1-2 times per week. In case of blackheads and acne we recommend a more frequent use.


Apply a small amount of the balm on the skin and massage gently. In case of extreme climate conditions, very dry or mature skin, SMOOTH ADDICTION can be used in the entire face. Ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, expression lines, chapped lips, rough hands and feet, and the eye are. Repeat as often as necessary.