How to prevent skin damage in Autumn

Autumn is the bridge between summer and winter; when nature’s colours are still shining brightly with vibrant oranges and reds, but also when we see the first frosts, and begin to wrap up warmly to protect against the new chill in the air.

In this season, daylight dwindles; the sun’s rays grow weaker.

Plants and trees have to struggle and compete to get water and food to their roots, so nature saves energy and slows itself down.

Deciduous trees enter their winter hibernation and their leaves fall, creating a colourful protective mantle on the earth.

And what happens to our skin and our bodies in Autumn?

As daylight hours lessen, so too do our levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has a huge influence on our hormones, our hearts and our thyroids.

For this reason, in Autumn, cases of underactive thyroid increase, and people who have problems with their thyroids tend to have lower moods and dryer skin than in the summer. In addition, the return to work or to studies means we spend less time outdoors, and so we don’t benefit from the sun’s rays.

Additional factors that influence dry skin and ageing in Autumn

As the temperature drops, people tend to take baths or showers with hotter water.

In some places, the cooling weather leads to the use of central heating, which, whilst drying the air in the room, dries out the epidermis simultaneously.

The combination of sudden temperature changes and sun-damaged skin from the summer means that the skin loses hydration and tone.

During this season, the skin’s tissue loses flexibility. It dries out easily or ages prematurely if not thoroughly cared for.

All of the external elements are factors that change emotional behavior and we all know that emotions have a strong influence on health and the appearance of the skin and hair.

How do we get back our natural complexions? What advice is there for protecting the skin from the effects of Autumn?

This is the best time to start using the MIDNIGHT REJUVENATION oil serum on your face after showering because the pores open up when exposed to heat.

For best results, spread the body oil SENSUAL OPULENCE (coming soon) all over your body and repeat 4 times a week or every day if your skin is very dry. The oil will rehydrate your skin and make it feel amazing.

 After summer, pay special attention to your lips

The skin around your lips is some of the most delicate on the body, so it suffers when exposed to changes in humidity, and if it becomes dehydrated, wrinkles will form around the mouth.

When sebum production is limited and there’s a lack of Vitamin D, the lips really dry out. This gets worse in Autumn.

Our advice would be to apply a bit of SMOOTH ADDICTION balm to prevent or to soften the lines around the lips and eyes. For best results, apply throughout the day and every night before going to bed.

A deep beauty treatment

Those who suffer from facial redness are affected by the drastic changes in temperature when Autumn arrives. It’s really important not to scrub the skin too much. Instead, gently apply VELVET HYDRATION followed by WAY TO RADIANCE, as well as SMOOTH ADDICTION as needed. The combination of calming plants and purifying clay soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving it refreshed and unclogged.

At night, after cleansing and nourishing the skin, use a small amount of the INSTANT LIBERATION masque. Apply it mainly to the reddened areas of the skin, leaving it to deliver its maximum benefits whilst you are sleeping. The next day, you’ll find that the skin is vibrant and glowing.

Opuntia Discovery

Yesterday the team LE PURE went to discover the Opuntia cacti, one of the plant we use to create our organic products. Marie and I decided to go to a beautiful area with wild growing cactus. It’s really amazing to see such an exotic landscape in the very heart of Barcelona.

Marie gave us a short private lecture on the Opuntia cacti (the Latin name of the Prickly pear cactus) and its powerful health benefits: its adaptogenic properties are key to the stabilization of our physiological processes and to the decrease of cellular sensitivity to exogenous agents, such as stress and UV radiations.

                                 Opuntia Flower                 Opuntia: The Plant

She explained why she chose the extracts of this plant to create the innovative formulas of LE PURE products: in fact, the fruit and the leaves of the cactus are rich in folic acid, B vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids and active ingredients, which have the power to balance and regenerate the skin. In this way, you help your skin stay young and radiant. Plants are our real allies. A day in the nature is a day spent learning its wise beauty secrets.

A special thanks to our dear videographer Leda who took beautiful pictures and recorded a video about the story how we met and decided to start LE PURE. We hope we will be able to show you the video soon. Stay tuned for more news!

     LE-PURE-Marie-and-Julia-in-the-park1-1030x684 copy