Way To Radiance

Way to Radiance

Profound Nourishing Cream Concentrate

Truly transforming and radiance boosting. The purest, raw, edible skinfood in a revolutionary emulsion. 100% active ingredients immediately penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, reducing wrinkle formation and loss of firmness from the inside.

This revolutionary formula has the lowest water content on the market and provides the skin with the highest percentage of essential fatty acids. Pure superfood that stimulates the distribution of oxygen in the deeper layers and effectively counteracts wrinkles from the inside.

Four decades of research have allowed us to substitute commonly used ingredients such as chemically modified fats or waxes that create a plastic like layer on the skin, but  cannot be absorbed. The unique formula uses clay with medicinal properties to create a physical emulsion. Simply shaking the bottle allows all ingredients to distribute evenly and create a superfood emulsion.

The results have been called “transformative, unbeatable and game changing.”