LE PURE Instant Liberation

La mascarilla mágica

INSTANT LIBERATION, as a purifying thermo-active masque, is able to regenerate the skin in only one night.

Thanks to its principal ingredient the white clay (kaolin), it has the characteristic of being an amazing hydrolipidic skin regulator.

The clay has the properties to absorb environmental pollutants and to deodorise. At the same time, it purifies and respects the epidermal flora preserving it in perfect conditions.

Furthermore, it is one of the most sustainable and pure minerals on earth. It equilibrates the pH levels, and moreover possesses remineralising, antioxidising and chelating powers. Indeed, through the elimination of homotoxins and heavy metals, it detoxifies the organism.

The kaolin keeps the humidity inside the hydrolipidic film without clogging the pores and even softening the skin.

It exfoliates gently even the most sensitive skin types, helping eliminate dead cells deriving from a cycle-slow-down due to aging or health changes.

Originally, the name of this precious mineral comes from the first deposit discovered in China namely the Kaoling hill.

Since ancient times, the kaolin has been used for therapeutic aims. Nowadays its application area has even been widened into more fields such as the pharmaceutical sector, the alimentary sector, the cosmetic sector and art.