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How to prevent skin damage in Autumn

Autumn is the bridge between summer and winter; when nature’s colours are still shining brightly with vibrant oranges and reds, but also when we see the first frosts, and begin to wrap up warmly to protect against the new chill in the air. In this season, daylight dwindles; the sun’s rays grow weaker. Plants and […]

Raw plant superfood skincare

Raw plant food is minimally processed and not heated above 40-49 °C, this temperature conserves all the enzymes and nutrients of the plants and vegetables, which may get lost during cooking. It’s a bomb of nutrients and highly beneficial when you consume the correct amounts of it, and of course the same is true for […]

The magical masque

INSTANT LIBERATION, as a purifying thermo-active masque, is able to regenerate the skin in only one night. Thanks to its principal ingredient the white clay (kaolin), it has the characteristic of being an amazing hydrolipidic skin regulator. The clay has the properties to absorb environmental pollutants and to deodorise. At the same time, it purifies […]

Marie Carrasquedo explains how LE PURE is redefining organic skincare

Marie Carrasquedo is the creator of LE PURE’s formulas. She has spent the past 40 years studying plants and their beneficial ingredients. Thanks to her extensive experience in formulation, she has created unique formulas that support the skin’s natural functions and do not include any unnecessary additives. During our event in collaboration with Cortana, Marie gave […]