The Story

The formulas of all LE PURE products are based on 40 years of research of Marie Carrasquedo. She has built her own laboratory that has been specifically designed for the production of organic skincare and fulfils even pharmaceutical standards.

Thanks to Marie’s comprehensive knowledge in the areas of medicine and medicinal plants, she has developed her own methodology to treat the skin from the inside as well as the outside. Her formulas and gentle production methods are unique worldwide. The result are highly effective products with the maximum of active plant nutrients.

Together with Julia Atzesberger, Marie Carrasquedo has created a skincare line, which helps the skin to protect itself from the daily aggressions it is exposed to. Julia and Marie are setting new standards for organic cosmetics, but believe that even though they offer luxury quality, it should be affordable. Their vision is a healthy lifestyle for everyone in harmony with nature and its resources.